All masks are handmade 2 layers of 100% cotton fabric. They have an extra-long copper nose wire, and filter pocket. This is for the Star Trek face mask. Worn by The Next Generation Crew. The back of the mask may vary in color but will always be 100% cotton.

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Star Trek The Next Generation Inspired Handmade Face Mask with adjustable ear loops or ties.
*100% cotton.
?Has filter pocket and copper nose wire.
?Filter pattern included.
? washable healthcare style mask with filter pocket.
?Adjustable ear loops made of soft comfortable elastic or tie back style.
?This mask is lightweight enough for summer, but still offers double layered cotton protection.
? If you want / need it to be heavier, you can add the filter!
?Can hold a PM 2.5 type filter or a MERV16 type filter.
? Nose wire is extra-long. Most masks are 3.5″, I use 5″. This is for the Star Trek Inspired style face mask. Worn by TNG crew.
The fabric on the back of the mask may vary .
Includes a free pattern to cut out filters, so you can make your own.

TNG Red comes with 4 Pips .
TNG Blue Comes with 2 Pips.
TNG Gold Comes with 2 Pips. You can customize your pips or order the default number of pips when ordering.