Chase Masterson

Series: DS9

Character(s): Leeta

Chase Masterson played Leeta in numerous episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine during the final five seasons.

Masterson originally auditioned to play the role of Mardah, Jake Sisko’s girlfriend in the episode “The Abandoned”. She was originally told that the age difference between Cirroc Lofton and herself would have made the relationship improbable. Avery Brooks has subsequently indicated at conventions that he felt Masterson was too sexy to play Jake’s girlfriend and that he hoped she would be introduced as a different, regular character at a later date – possibly as a love interest for Sisko. The role of Leeta was subsequently created for Masterson as a one-episode character, but the producers were so impressed with Masterson’s performance that they wrote the character into “Facets”, and subsequently decided to add her to the list of recurring characters. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, p. 238)


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